Removing stickers from a car

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bumper stickers covering a car

How to remove an old bumper sticker

Do you have an old bumper sticker on your car that you are just itching to get rid of? Perhaps it’s a sticker from a band you once thought was cool, a forgotten event that you once supported, or even a political party from the recent election. Get it off your car. We can tell you how to remove an old bumper sticker simply and easily.

Can you use heat to remove a bumper sticker?aged bumper stickers on a car

Yes, you can. The heat from a hairdryer or a carefully used heat gun can heat up the glue in the sticker and allow it to release from your car. The problem with heat is you could inadvertently damage your car by overheating the paint or even the plastic components of your car’s body. Not to mention you run the risk of burning yourself. We recommend another method.

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Alternatives to heat in bumper sticker removal

There is a great alternative to heat. You can use a solvent to attack that glue, and we bet you have one of the best solvents for this purpose simply laying around your garage or house, and it’s WD-40. If you don’t have any laying around, then just head to almost any store, and they are sure to have a can or a bottle for you.

How to use WD-40 to remove a bumper sticker

You need to get WD-40 to start seeping underneath the sticker. You can do this by peeling up a corner or starting from an edge that is already peeling. Keep wetting with WD-40 and you should be able to start peeling the sticker back.

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Work slow as you add more WD-40 to the mix and keep peeling it back until it’s gone. Once the sticker is gone, you can use WD-40 to clean up any leftover glue. Afterwards you can wax the area and have it looking just like new.

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Can a bumper sticker affect the value of your car?

A sticker can certainly affect the perceived value of your car, especially if you are looking to sell privately. Spend an hour or two scraping off those old bumper stickers and add a few hundred dollars to your car’s price tag when you start selling.

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